Dong wook and da hae dating site

09-Jul-2017 15:19

Lee Da Hae is my favor actress and I love her acting very much. and I'm so excited to witness her caliber as an actress here. Love you Da Hae unnie I love Lee Da-Hae and Lee Dong Wook. I am watching every drama..are really drag...nothing special. Koreans should worship this girl , instead she is criticized in every turn. I absolutley love this girls and the way she portrays a character....... there was absolutely no need for a change but..her life but i dont think it did her any justice she looks worse!!

Too bad for dong-hae shippers :(( Lee Da Hae, you're amazing in Hotel King! I don't get easily cry to any drama but when it comes to your acting, I'm so driven! I've heard she won a lot of acting awards from this series.

An Woo Yeon and Yoon Se Ah characters are “Oh Tae Yang” and “Oh Tae Ri” respectively.

Both are the children of “Oh Pyeong Pan” the a CEO of the greatest airline in Korea who is played by and it is the airline.

I hope to see Lee Da-Hae in many more dramas and movies! I also admire her dressing and she look so beautiful like a princess. I felt so bad for her, she showed me how not to be and even when life's unfair, you shouldn't give up. I hope they can make also another good drama in the future. I love this actress, in her latest drama HOTEL KING, she is so pretty in any angle...although she changed but still she is more beautiful ....excellent acting with lee dong wook..they become a couple for real... I think she can act on any role but you still need good director , good story , script and support actors. :) Although i have to admit, after been through plastic surgeries, LDH certainly are more beautiful than she was while back in My Girl (2005). i love to see lee da hae acting .whenever she perform.

I am still waiting for her new Korea drama and movie. I'm still hoping that ABS CBN will get and air Hotel King... Their maturity together with her co star Nee Dong Wook is really natural to the extent that they look like real couple (hoping..them badly)...:) #fighting The first time I saw Lee Da Hae acting, was in Miss Ripley. 2 weeks ago I rewatched the drama and I felt her pain. I watch their drama series (My Girl and now i'm watching Hotel King) they are so lovable team up. I support this actress fully what ever she does...i know plastic surgery kills some of expression , i still think she has done so much in MY GIRL acting , she can be forgiven for trying to make herself barbie doll in animation movies. BEFORE she decided to go and get plastic surgery... what the hell was wrong with her .was beautiful enough and natural the way she was born and it made her characters so interesting and funny now.. sorry but i just dont understand what posessed her to change her appearance its not like she was ugly.

[ 370, -15] But something about Park Han Byul looks really docile while Lee Da Hae looks intimidating and I feel like she'd be less inclined to put up with Se7en's bullsh*t ㅋㅋㅋ I bet she has him in the palm of her hand 11. [ 223, -16] I bet he's doing this on purpose to promote his comeback album ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lee Da Hae, I really respect you for sacrificing yourself like this~~~~~~~ 13. a love that overcame even the massage parlor scandal, I hope you two are happy... [ 158, -20] Well Se7en's ex has already gone through two boyfriends too, not a big deal 15.

LOVE them both to the moon and back Lee da hae is a great actress, i have watched my girl and hotel king, and i can say that they really have that perfect chemistry... Ever since My Girl era I adored her so much, her wittiness and shifting of emotions which is good as an actress and how her versatility as an actor improved so well. I love'em as a couple I watched Slave Hunters, all episodes twice. This will be the 2nd festival as UNICEF held the first in January this year.