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All campus-based students have access to our on-campus computer labs and learning centers, however, you must also have access to a computer at home to ensure you have the resources to complete all of your necessary coursework.

Devices such as netbooks, Chrome Books, i Pads, Surfaces and other tablets do not meet the necessary requirement for Bryant & Stratton College’s Online degree programs.

My little girl is 17 months old and isn't walking, she doesn't appear to be interested either. I have read not to worry until they are 18 months, but that really isn't that far away.

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My son didn't take his first steps until he was 20 months, I was a little worried to start off with but as my mum kept saying he can't read the books to know he is supposed to be doing when.

The installation and use of any third party software on a workstation or device not owned by Bryant & Stratton College is the sole responsibility of the owner of the workstation or device and is bound by the terms and condition as defined by the software/hardware manufacturer.