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In this first episode I had to get used to see it in German, because I only watched it online in Italian. Moreover I expected all the time they would start speaking English and I had to start the DVD over again, as I didn't understand my own language. Though I am not well into 18th century Italian history and social circumstances (as well as their manners etc concerning their Catholic faith), I found, that some parts were too modern to be of that era.For instance do they use phrases I wouldn't expect in 18th century dialogues, but that could be because of the German translation. And as I am averse to German synchronisations, I always have to rant about it.So why should the husband of a daughter get all, when there is a male heir?It continues in the 5th chapter, where I could have jumped into the DVD slapping them in their faces... And why are they so surprized when Anna didn't get anything from the estate?She is arrested for murder and let to the prison.chapter 6: Elisa is under arrest and not really questioned about what happened.That means, she doesn't get her mouth open to utter one syllable, poor wretch.

Goltzius and the Pelican Company is the second feature in Greenaway's film series "Dutch Masters", which includes the previous film Nightwatching.

Goltzius promises him an extraordinary book of pictures of the Old Testament Biblical stories.