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On the last play, the Alabama SE takes his outside release and the CB turns his hips and legs to the outside. As soon as the CB turns, the SE breaks straight up the field doing a good imitation of the 100 Yard Dash and the CB, having turned outside, now has to turn back inside and pray for late help from the Safety. Good, solid technique won that play and another National Championship for Alabama.

Answered prayers were in short supply on both sides of the ball. Charlie Wilson Crustal River, Florida *********** A Stanford cornerback named Quenton Meeks has announced that he is ready to “pursue his ultimate dream” and declare himself eligible for the draft.

(In the pros, leaving the starter in the game, even in blowouts, is the norm, but it’s to be expected when he's got performance clauses in his contract calling for bonuses for completions, yardage, touchdowns and what-not.) *********** Based on what they said and how they act, I’d have to say that Bama’s quarterbacks are exceptional young men, both of them reflecting the kind of quality upbringings that too few of today’s kids enjoy. *********** Alas, football season’s over, and now we find out what all those other channels are for.

Tua sounded like a kid who was raised well when he said in a post-game interview that his parents would be upset with him if he didn’t thank the Lord. Stumbling across a Nat Geo special on Tsunamis, I decided to stay with it to see where it was going. You can’t have been where my wife and I have been for a good part of the past decade without knowing about it.

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It's intention has been to help inform the football coach and the interested football observer on a wide variety of toovoking.

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*********** ”One play and it's over..." There are no secrets here.

Check out the heavyweight bracket for this kid's senior year state tournament: (It’s the story of a kid from Millburn, New Jersey, who 40 years ago - before there were weight limits in the heavyweight class - won the state heavyweight title. One opponent forfeited, but the other 27 wins were pins.

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