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Its current format is Spanish-language talk radio under the brand name W Radio. XEWW is also the overflow station for English-language radio broadcasts of USC Trojans football and basketball games, as well as Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball games when there is a conflict with another game that airs on KSPN.

It primarily serves the Los Angeles area, even though the station has a stronger signal in San Diego, due to its close proximity to Rosarito, and a dramatically stronger signal south of the Rosarito site, towards Baja California. Jorge Rivera, founder of XEAC in 1936, had a dream to create the world's most powerful AM radio station, In the US, the FCC had limitations for radio station broadcast strength.

(In 2010, Finest City sold the operating rights to XETRA, XHRM, and XHITZ to Broadcast Company of the Americas, which had already operated XEPRS, XHPRS, and XEPE.) The first day of broadcasts of W Radio was February 6, 2006.

Effective December 19, 2007, XETRA's call letters were changed to XEWW to better reflect their W Radio programming.

During its beautiful music years, XETRA became one of the first AM stations in the San Diego area to broadcast in AM stereo.

These early attempts actually required the listener to tune in with two radios, one off-tuned to the left of the frequency for the left channel and the second radio off-tuned to the right, as AM stereo radios capable of decoding the Kahn signal were never licensed or built at the time.

However, Grupo Latino has continued a local marketing agreement with Clear Channel to this day.

" Jim Rome also got his start on the station, even though he often refers to this station as the "nifty 650" on his show despite the fact that it is not on 650 k Hz.

Jeanne Zelasko also started at the station broadcasting during breaks with traffic, weather and sports highlights.

The out-of-market team was carried because the son of station manager John Lynch was on scholarship with the team; the younger Lynch would go on to star in the National Football League. The station's best-known sportscaster in the sports format is Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton, who hosted a nightly sports talk program from 1987 until 2005, and was also the play-by-play voice of the Chargers from 1987 to 1996.

In 1996, the concession for XETRA was transferred to XETRA Comunicaciones, S. Hacksaw is famous (and infamous) for his "best 15 minutes in radio" with "Hacksaw's Headlines" and using such phrases as "I am bleeping brilliant!By the mid-60s, the powerful station was featuring beautiful music as "X-TRA Music over Southern California", with the distinctive tag: "In the air everywhere, over the Southland." The selection of 690 k Hz was undoubtedly determined by the then-current requirement to maintain a 50 k Hz separation between stations in the same or an adjacent market.